Ben Bova

Ben Bova can really turn out the space sagas. Moonwar, the sequel to Bova's popular 1996 Moonrise, continues the story of Douglas Stavenger, the Kennedy-esque scion of Moonbase's founding dynasty. Moonbase is flourishing under Stavenger's management, but its existence--and Stavenger's very life--depends on nanotechnology, outlawed on Earth in response to a wave of Luddite fear and violence. United Nations peacekeepers arrive on the moon to enforce the anti-nanotech laws, accompanied by intrepid network news reporter Edith Elgin, who promptly falls for Doug. In the meantime, Doug's mother Joanna chooses to return to Earth, but once there she's held hostage by the secretary-general of the UN, who wants Doug to surrender to his forces (and be killed). Smarmy politicians, beautiful TV babes, calculating corporate barons--it's like Washington in the space age, with nonstop action and cool technology.

Pages: 512

Published: April 16, 1998

Price: 180THB