Rachel Swift
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FINALLY -- A BOOK THAT REVEALS WHAT WOMEN TRULY WANT DURING SEX!Based on confessions and stories from hundreds of women, this book tells you everything: from how to become the perfect lover to what moves to avoid when wooing and seducing the woman of your dreams to what kinds of men women like most. Bestselling sex author Rachel Swift gives you reality-tested advice that's fun, frank, and lets you know...-- Whether size really matters-- The #1 position for women-- Why you should let her climax first-- Why humor is the ultimate aphrodisiac-- Why women insist on keeping the lights off-- Why self-pleasure gives her more frequent fulfillment than pleasure with a partner-- When her faked orgasm can actually be good for her -- and for you-- How to keep going for as long you both want-- The secret to male multiple orgasms-- The importance of communicating before, during, and -- most of all -- after sex.

Pages: 320

Published: January 1, 2000

Price: 180THB