Colin Forbes
The Cell

Is Al-Qa'eda about to attack London? Tweed, revering to his one-time role as shrewd detective, is convinced of this. Aided by Paula Grey and Bob Newman, he skillfully eludes Government security services who believe that he is wrong.The village of Carpford, hidden high in the North Downs, catches Tweed's attention. With its strange assortment of inhabitants -- Victor Warner, arrogant Minister of Security; fascinating but duplicitous Eva Brand; Margesson, fanatical preacher -- could it be a staging post for terrorists? Key informants start to disappear overnight.Time has run out. This Tweed does know. But what is the taget and when will the attack be launched? And where?Will it happen? As it did in America?

Pages: 432

Published: September 1, 2003

Price: 180THB