Ian Irvine
Dark Is the Moon

n the third volume of this stunning and original saga, Ian Irvine continues The View from the Mirror, his brilliant epic fantasy. THE TALE OF THE BETRAYERS Rulke, the last and most powerful of the Charon, escapes from the alien dimension where he has been imprisoned for a millennium. As he amasses a conquering army of telepathic monsters, the other immortal mancers scatter in desperate quests to control or re-create the terrible, arcane magics of the Forbidding. But young Llian, his mind controlled by Rulke, becomes an unwilling spy against all who've befriended him-while Karan, the tormented daughter of three human species, discovers her beloved homeland of Gothryme has become the center of a sorcerous vortex. For there, in a mystic, ancient citadel built by a madman, Rulke plans to wield powers that will reconnect worlds-or unleash the insatiable horrors of The Void. And the key to the Charon's scheme...is Karan herself. PUPPETS OF THE TWISTED MIRROR Karan of Gothryme: To save her people, her land, and her lover, she will have to sacrifice the entire world... Llian of the Zain: Born cursed to serve the Charon, he now must use his knowledge to overcome his very nature... Yalkara of the Charon: The Demon Queen warped the Twisted Mirror to escape Santhenar and the Forbidding, but she may have left her darkest secrets behind... Maigraith: She has the strength to lead armies against inhuman foes, yet she cannot free herself from the one person who would destroy her... Shand: He has spent an eon burying his past but if he does not reveal the truth now, Santhenar may be doomed... Faelamor of the Faellem: The Lady of Illusions plans to lead her people back to their homeworld of Tallallame, even if escape means sacrificing all other worlds to The Void...

Pages: 704

Published: May 3, 2001

Price: 180THB