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Jeffery Deaver.
Praying for Sleep

Michael Hrubek, the man who murdered two of Lis Atcheson's students, has escaped the institution where he was sentenced. But Hrubek isn't just any killer- e knows Lis's name. He knows her face. He knows where she lives. He knows she's the one who put him away, and he'll make her pay. And in the next 24 hours, he knows what she'll be doing-praying for mercy. Praying for revenge, psycho killer Michael Hrubek has escaped to find the woman who put him away. He'll show her what killing is all about-praying for salvation. Lis knows he's out there. He's haunted every sleepless night, watching and waiting to take her to hell with him. And now Lis is Praying for Sleep.

Pages: 431

Published: 1994

Price: 180THB