Allan Mallinson
An Act of Courage

The seventh novel in the acclaimed and bestselling Matthew Hervey series finds Hervey alone and a prisoner in the fortress of Badajos on the Spanish border.While Hervey � taken captive in the final pages of The Sabre�s Edge � plans his escape from the Spanish, his memories turn to 1812 when, as a young cornet, he was part of Wellington�s victorious army as it pushed its way north through Spain towards the Pyrenees. But first the British had to storm the fortress where he is imprisoned now: Badajos � a fortress of huge strategic importance � where French resistance was at its most fierce and most bloody.Both The Sabre�s Edge and Rumours of War were Sunday Times bestsellers in hardcover.From the Hardcover edition.

Pages: 439

Published: April 4, 2006

Price: 180THB