B.P. Madrewar
Therapeutics of Veterinary Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy today occupies a unique place in the world of therapeutics. The brilliant cures effected by the harmless remedies have drawn many veterinarians into its fold. More and more veterinary practitioners are showing a keen interest in this method of therapy but many find the available vast literature tough and time-consuming. By the grace of the Almighty and constant desire to find new remedies which are easy to administer, have no side effects, the ability to cure all curable diseases of dumb animals forced the author to study homeopathic remedies. He tried them on thousands of animals during his 27 years of service. Many homeopathic and biochemic medicines, either in combination or singly, gave encouraging results details of which are given in this book.

Pages: 342

Published: February 15, 2004

Price: 180THB