David Robbins
Heavy Traffic

Dispatches from the front lines Since its inception in the 1970s, the Drug Enforcement Administration has fought an ever-growing battle against drugs-and against those who make, distribute, and use them. Yet after billions of dollars and countless lives destroyed, the war continues to be waged with no end in sight. In this compendium, the history of the United States' war on drugs is told with over three decades' worth of news stories and DEA case files that bring readers into the violent, shadowy world of illegal substances. From the cocaine cartels of Colombia and back-alley basement methamphetamine labs, to modern "party drugs" such as Ecstasy, these are the true stories of crime and punishment, power, and politics involved in the world of illegal narcotics. Follow the investigations that took on and brought down some of the most notorious drug traffickers ever known. Including: * The French Connection * The Black Tuna Gang * The Medellin Cartel * Pablo Escobar

Pages: 354

Published: 2005

Price: 180THB