Philip Bryce
How to Buy Land and Build a House In Thailand

This book contains essential information for anyone contemplating buying or leasing land and building a house in Thailand. It is meticulously researched and draws on expert legal and construction information from Thailand, America, Europe and Australia. Concepts, techniques and instructions are explained in simple, clear, and easy to understand language. How to Buy Land and Build a House in Thailand helps you... protect your investment by learning about foreigner ownership and lease options, land titles, contracts, taxes, permits and lawyers; save money by following useful tips about transferring money to Thailand, delivery of building supplies, deposits and special order items, temporary housing for workers; learn how to choose the best architect, builder and project manager for your needs; find out what you can afford and visualize what you want before you pay anyone anything; learn useful Thai, land and building words and phrases; avoid communication problems and enjoy your building experience; follow essential checklists of important must check items every step of the way; eliminate the guess work from building project management; build a house that is well made, structurally sound, nicely finished with no weird smells from the plumbing or unsafe electrical installations. How to Buy Land and Build a House in Thailand follows the construction of the author's 220 sq. meter house in Ko Phangan, Thailand with over 100 photographs, 2D and 3D drawings and 700 English-Thai words and phrases. This book is your ultimate resource for "buying" land and building a house in Thailand.

Pages: 274

Published: 2006

Price: 180THB