written by Esther M. Friesner ; based on the screenplay by Robert Gordon and Barry Fanaro ; story by Robert Gordon.
Men in black II

THE MEN IN BLACK ARE BACK?¨TO SAVE THE PLANET FROM CERTAIN DOOM.When an unauthorized spacecraft lands smack-dab in the middle of New York?Ăs Central Park, and is found abandoned with enough antimatter weapons to turn the island of Manhattan into a new Atlantis, it?Ăs a job for Men in Black?¨the top-secret organization that monitors the activities of all extraterrestrials living on Earth. There?Ăs a new ET in town, as beautiful as she is deadly.Immediately, Agent J is assigned to the case, but in order to succeed in his mission, he must locate his old partner, Agent K, whose memory was wiped clean when he ?˘retired.?÷ For it?Ăs K, now a postal worker in Massachusetts, who holds the key: In his mind rests a powerful secret?¨one that could save the earth, or destroy everything, if it falls into the wrong tentacles. . . .

Pages: 249

Published: 2002

Price: 180THB