Jonathan Tropper
How to Talk to a Widower

When Doug Parker married Hailey he left his carefree Manhattan life behind to live with her and her teenaged son, Russ, in a quiet Westchester community. Three years later, Hailey has been dead for a year, and Doug, a widower at 29, just wants to drown himself in self-pity and Jack Daniels. But his family has other ideas... Russ is furious with Doug for not adopting him after Hailey died, and has fallen in with a bad crowd. Claire, Doug's irrepressible and pregnant twin sister, has just left her husband and moved in uninvited, determined to turn his life around. Soon, Doug finds himself trying to forge a relationship with Russ, reconnecting with his own eccentric nuclear family, and reluctan tly dipping his toes into the waters of the second-time-around dating scene. Soon his new life is spinning hopelessly out of control.

Pages: 352

Published: 2007

Price: 180THB