Newton Thornburg
To Die in California

Informed by the police that Chris, his son has committed suicide, David Hook, an Illinois farmer, knows that this cannot be true. He knows that something else must have happened in California to cause the death of Chris, who loved life too much to take his own. He also knows that he must go West to find out what did happen. In California he discovers corruption, immorality and pain that shocks him to the very core of his being but he also discovers exhilaration and pleasure that changes him forever. First published in 1973, To Die in California sold over 300,000 copies in its previous Avon edition.Born in 1929, Newton Thornburg is the author of ten novels including Cutter and Bone, made into the film Cutter's Way starring Jeff Bridges and John Heard. He now lives in Washington State.Also available by Newton ThornburgCutter and BoneTP $14.00. 1-85242-676-4 CUSA

Pages: 288

Published: July 2002

Price: 180THB