Mike Gayle.
My Legendary Girlfriend

A debut that took Great Britain by storm, My Legendary Girlfriend introduced the world to the loveable, lovestruck Will Kelly. Its been three years since his heartthrob, Agnes, wrecked his life with a chat that started, ǣIts like that song. If you love somebody, set him free. But no matter how much time goes by, Will doesnt feel very free. He still makes lists of each birthday present Aggi ever gave him, has gymnastic fantasies about a perfect reunion night with her, dwells on the first words she uttered to him.How long can a person stay down in the dumps after being dumped? And how much longer before Will dumps Martina, the sweet but clingy girl hes seeing? Will anyone ever measure up to his Legendary Girlfriend?Fresh, endearing, and full of humor, My Legendary Girlfriend tells a story that will ring true for everyone whos ever tried to mend a broken heart.

Pages: 352

Published: 1999

Price: 180THB